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The only overall that prevents unpleasant odours from getting into your clothes, skin or hair.

Probleemoplossende overall


Do you work in a place with a lot of penetrating smells? That can cause a lot of inconvenience!

In order to get the penetrating scent out of the skin and hair, not only a shower after every visit to the workplace is necessary, but also a wash for the underwear!

Showering too often is really no good for your skin and hair! It also wastes even more time. Having to shower and wash more often costs you more money, but it's also not good for the environment!

The Farmsuit® puts an end to all these inconveniences and extra costs.

Geurwerende overall
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"I was amazed, after three quarters of an hour in the pigsty with the overalls on there was no smell of pig air in the hair and clothes!"

Han Swinkels - Jury member ForFarmers Innovation Award

Toekomst van boeren
zakken in overall


You'll probably recognize it; the standard overalls don't have just enough freedom of movement or not enough room for all your stuff. Our Custom Suits® are fully adapted to every work area, so you can always move and work optimally.

For example, the Farmsuit® has one zippered chest pocket for the phone, one loose chest pocket for a notebook and a pen pocket. The pig farmers need an extra deep back pocket and a bag for a screwdriver, so this is also included in the Farmsuit®.

No sector has the same needs, but with our Custom Suits® you will fulfill all your needs!

*Do you work in a different sector? Contact us, and together we will create the perfect odour resistant overall for your sector!

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In addition to the agricultural sectors, there are many more workstations with penetrating smells. From slaughterhouses to fries manufacturers.

Do you, your colleagues or employees work in places with a lot of penetrating odours? Or are you on the road a lot because you work at different locations? With the odour-repellent overall you always get into your company car odour-free!

Would you like to design your odour-free overalls for the entire company? That is possible with our Custom Suits®! Take a look at the possibilities.


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Van 6 tot 8 maart staat de evenementenhal in Venray in het teken van de Landbouwdagen Intensieve Veehouderij. Dit evenement wordt gezien als het belangrijkste contactmoment voor de intensieve veehouderij. Bezoekers komen vanuit Nederland, België en Duitsland naar Venray om daar hun kennis te delen, nieuwe contacten te leggen en op de hoogte te blijven […]