Farmsuit® facts!
  • Approved test results in cooperation with TU Twente, Witteveen+Bos and Pipadvice.
  • The fabric does not let odours through and ventilation is above average.
  • The fabric quickly wicks moisture and regulates temperature.
  • The fabric is thin, supple, soft and washable at 60oC.
  • The fabric is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.
  • The overall has an absorption capacity of 16 hours.
  • The odours are released in the washing machine and are drained away with the water.
  • After washing, the overall works optimally again.
  • One less shower a day saves 114 euro annually according to Nibud.
  • Lockable compartments make it functional to use.
  • The hood closes seamlessly and is easy to adjust.
  • Possible to feature a company logo on the overall.
  • Available sizes: XS to XXXL.
  • Farmsuit® is available in the colour anthracite, which camouflages spots/stains.
  • The overall has a fresh modern look through the contrasting neon stitching.
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