We all know the name "overall". But do we also really consider what that name means? After all, he says exactly what the garment does: be worn over all other clothing, so that the wearer and the clothing underneath are protected against dirt or dust. Various types of overalls are now available. As workwear, but certainly also as fashion!

The origin of the coverall

Overalls were worn in the United States as early as the eighteenth century, but it was not until the end of the nineteenth century that they were widely produced. We still know the brand that started it as Levis.

Overalls have of course been further improved over the years in terms of design and choice of materials. They had to, because they were used in special circumstances, such as in mines, on farms, by rail workers and by loggers. Overalls have been on the catwalk and in fashion stores for years now.


Types of overalls

One overalls are not the other. That is why we list the different types of overalls here.

Farmer overalls

The first application that comes to mind when you think of the word "overall" is of course use on the farm. Because as an employee you quickly have to deal with dirt here, it is not a superfluous luxury to wear overalls over your clothes. Farmer overalls are available in a variety of colors, but the most commonly used are blue, green and gray.

Work overalls

Overalls are still widely used in other workplaces as well. Well-known examples of this are, for example, workshops for repairs to cars, motorcycles and trucks. But work overalls are still a regular fixture for many employees in warehouses as well. Logical, because they are sturdy, handy and durable. Moreover, they can withstand dust and dirt very well. Wash well once and they can use it again.


A special mention when it comes to farmer's overalls is the Farmsuit®. Specially developed for people who often work in an environment with livestock. Thanks to these special odor resistant coveralls, the pungent smell of livestock does not penetrate into skin and hair. No fewer than 16 odor-free wearing hours are guaranteed by the manufacturer.


Fashion overall

The overalls, usually made of jeans fabric, are fashionable for both men and women. Besides the typical look of the denim overall, its handy pockets are also appreciated by the wearers. The big advantage of these garments is that they are suitable for everyone. From the catwalk to odd jobs around the house: it is all possible with a fashionable overalls.

Heat resistant coverall

Did you know that in the Netherlands overalls were initially called "boiler suits"? This is because classifiers, the specialists who ate scale from the inside of steam boilers, mainly wore these types of work suits. It is nice if the overalls are heat resistant. Just as is the case with firefighters and workers who work near ovens or other open flames.


In addition to the agricultural sectors, there are many more workplaces with pungent odors. From slaughterhouses to potato chips manufacturers.

Do you, your colleagues or employees work in places with a lot of pungent smells? Or are you on the road a lot because you work at different locations? With the odor-resistant overall you always step into your company car odor-free!

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